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Gardens of the John E Kirkpatrick Horticulture Center:


The Community Garden

The Community Garden Imagine the Oklahoma City area in time where ugly vacant lots have been replaced by gardens of flowers and vegetables. Imagine outdoor classrooms for our public schools where children marvel at the wonders of nature, become aware of their environment, and learn from adults and other volunteers, who give their time and talents to teach and interact with them. Imagine a time when citizens are secure in the knowledge that they can provide their families with fresh, nutritionally sound produce. Each of these visions is possible through community gardening.


The Community Garden Our Community Garden, at the John E. Kirkpatrick Horticulture Center, is a beautiful example of what has developed through the common love of gardening, growing and sharing the bountiful harvest. The Butterfly Garden, filled with Monarch butterflies during their fall migration, was a beautiful sight to see. Community gardening has no boundaries. It makes all those who do it, love it.


The Community Garden Our Community Garden is open to the public. Come by and see the inner workings of a community garden. Come see how the garden has developed over the last year. Community gardeners have been growing vegetable plants from seed using the Quonset greenhouse. We are proud to announce that the Quonset has been converted to an organic growing environment where beneficial insects and other natural methods are now being utilized for pest control.



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